Our history

Dawson and Partners have a long and distinguished history in serving the Cootamundra district. 

It all began in 1918 when Henry Livingstone (Harry) Dawson established a branch office of the Sydney firm "Vigars & Sky" in Cootamundra, after his return from serving in World War I. He purchased the Cootamundra business in 1919 and commenced trading as "H.L. Dawson" from rented premises in Parker Street.

Central Chambers, Parker Street,  Cootamundra, NSW 1906 (Photo courtesy of Pat Caskie)

In 1922, Harry Dawson formed a partnership with Walter Ernest (Wal) Heath and they traded as "Dawson and Heath" for over 40 years. This period was marked by such developments as the installation of electricity in 1924, and the availability of telephone services in the 1930s.

In March 1927 Dawson & Heath transferred their office to the newly constructed "Austral Chambers" at 27 Bourke Street, Cootamundra, where they stayed for many years. In the 1930's the firm had a trainee, Walter McEllister (Mac) Leonard who went on to become chairman of the board of Ampol Ltd and was knighted in 1977, becoming Sir Walter M Leonard. He was awarded a DFC (Distinguished Flying Cross) during WWII.

In 1950, Harry Dawson's son Hugh joined the partnership after his Air Force duty in WWII, thus continuing the Dawson family tradition.

Harry Dawson retired in the mid 1950s and moved to Sydney. Wal Heath retired in 1958 and remained living Cootamundra for the rest of his life.

Harry Dawson

The 1950s through to the early 1970s was a period of rapid change for the firm, both in terms of partners and technology. Following Hugh Dawson's retirement in 1973, the firm began trading under the name "Dawson and Partners". The 1980s saw the introduction of computers into the firm and a concerted move to expand services to cover Sydney-based clients.

The former Jindalee Shire premises, "Jindalee House" at 92 Cooper Street, Cootamundra, were purchased in 1975, and acted as the firm's home base until January 2002, when they were destroyed by fire.

At this time, the partnership moved into the modern era and converted into a limited liability company with the official name of Dawson and Partners Pty Ltd and continues to trade simply as Dawson and Partners.

In July 2009 Dawson & Partners opened an office in Goulburn, NSW, which has quickly grown into a full service office in its own right.