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Business Accounting and Tax Matters

Dawson & Partners can help you with all your business accounting and taxation matters, with a particular emphasis on using modern technology solutions to give you up to date information and save time.

Our services in this area range from the smallest and simplest of jobs through to the most complex and comprehensive tax and accounting services for your business.

Our tax and accounting services include:

  • Advice and assistance in implementing the latest accounting technology solutions
  • Tax planning
  • Income tax preparation
  • BAS returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • Full range of accounting services
  • Complete payroll service
  • Superannuation planning requirements


Apart from our technology expertise, we are also able to advise on the full range of taxation obligations, including income, capital gains (CGT), goods and services (GST), fringe benefits (FBT), superannuation and state taxes.

Tax planning is our speciality, enabling clients to avoid overpaying taxation and allowing timely forecasting of tax liabilities.

Contact us for more information or to make an appointment with one of our consultants.

Business Advice, Deals and Structures

If you need assistance with business and financial transactions, Dawson & Partners is here to help with independent and expert advice.

We can review potential business acquisitions, undertaking peer comparisons to determine whether the purchase/establishment of a new business is feasible. Business sales and valuations are also areas where we have deep experience.

Identifying and implementing the correct business structure is critically important, and its an area in which we can add significant value to your business.

Financial problems in a business can quickly escalate and even cause the business to fail. In the rural sector, families and their lifestyle can be seriously disrupted by such catastrophes.

We offer assistance to financially troubled businesses. Our philosophy is that early intervention maximises the probability of a successful outcome. We develop strategies to quickly identify problems and, in many cases, to resolve them.

Business issues we can help with include:

  • Appraising business opportunities
  • Negotiating transactions and prices
  • Advising on the most suitable financing options
  • Identifying the optimum business structure.

We turn complex and difficult issues into clear and actionable advice. This allows our clients to achieve the best possible results.

We will plan your appropriate business structures to comply with current rural and business legislation, while taking into account your taxation, finance, ownership and succession requirements.

What makes us experts?

Our professional advisors have strong technical and industry knowledge and expertise, acquired over many years in the business. Meanwhile, our Directors fulfil many non-executive roles in external and independent organisations.

At Dawson & Partners we keep abreast of the various strategies available under rural assistance, government approved and sponsored schemes - to benefit our clients.

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Outsourcing Services

To run a business efficiently, you need each of your resources to be as productive as possible. That is why Dawson & Partners now offers a complete support service for business and financial consulting services. We can do all your bookkeeping for you.

Outsourcing your business support services to us gives you access to the latest technological solution, as well as a wealth of intellectual capital all without the need to invest in infrastructure.

Work you can outsource to us:

  • Bookkeeping and financial reporting
  • General ledger accounting
  • Budgeting
  • Management reporting
  • Billing
  • Accounts payable/accounts receivable
  • Expense reporting
  • Payroll
  • Controls and compliance management

Reasons to outsource your bookkeeping

To be successful, businesses need to use their resources effectively and efficiently. Investing in in-house accountants may not make dollars or sense. A good bookkeeper can also be hard to find, and you may not want to do the books at home in the evenings forever.

While you focus on running your business, we'll devote our energies and technological resources to providing your non-core functions - efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our goal is to develop a system that will meet your accounting needs and financial reporting requirements. No matter whether you are big or small, we offer a tailored solution at a cost-effective price.

Advantages of outsourcing your accounting work to us

  • We will use modern technology to complete your work quickly and efficiently.
  • You can concentrate on your core competency while leaving your accounting to us as your trusted expert.
  • Your records will always be correct and up-to-date. No more problems with late BAS or tax returns.
  • Your documents will be stored in a secure electronic environment with originals stored on our secure premises - much better than having them sit on a desk or in an unlocked filing cabinet in your office or home.
  • You can review all your data and reports online. Access is via an encrypted password.
  • You can request hard copy financial reports to be sent to you whenever you like.
  • You retain control of how and when you pay bills.
  • Above all, our system of checking will ensure that the reports you see each review period are current and your bank account will balance every month.

To find out more on outsourcing services at Dawson & Partners, please give our office a call.

Financial Advisory Services

Dawson & Partners Executive Directors are registered as licensed Financial Planners.

We offer a full range of investment services for individuals and businesses. Our superannuation expert, Greg Southwell, can also provide investment advice for Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

Our main financial services:

  • Financial planning and advice
  • Share transactions on the Australian Stock Exchange
  • Investments in managed funds and bonds
  • Insurance advice associated with the above

Our fee structures are transparent and clearly defined. We do not accept trailing commissions on investment products so we only recommend products we consider appropriate for your goals and situation.

You can rest assured that we treat your affairs with the utmost care, attention and discretion in our professional capacity as Chartered Accountants and licensed Financial Planners.

Contact us if you would like more information about our financial services or to make an appointment with one of our financial advisors.

Client Online Services



Superannuation is one of the most effective forms of wealth creation structures available to Australian taxpayers. Self-managed superannuation funds are a popular way to take advantage of the taxation and long-term wealth creation benefits inherent in superannuation.

If you don't want to keep your retirement money in large managed or pooled funds, we can help you establish and manage their own self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF).

Super funds must operate within strict legal boundaries. That legislation may seem complex and perhaps restrictive, but Dawson & Partners Financial Services can guide you through the complexities and simplify them for you. 

Our superannuation fund services include:

  • Help with establishing the SMSF, including choosing the fund trustees, and all necessary registrations with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and other government authorities.
  • Establishment of a cash account, share trading account, bond trading account and managed investments if required.
  • Preparing an investment strategy, advice regarding the suitability of assets for ownership by the super fund, and working with you to implement the strategy*.
  • Taxation planning and advice and all taxation compliance matters.
  • Financial statements and annual return preparation, audit and lodgement.
  • Rollovers of accumulated benefits.
  • Payment and determination of pensions and/or lump sum benefits, including preparing the necessary documentation.
  • Advice about estate planning in relation to superannuation assets*.
  • If required, we can also provide investment advice to the fund trustees as part of our Financial Advisory Services.*

In short, we can assist you with all aspects of your SMSF administration and investments. Please contact Greg Southwell or call us for further details.

This information is of general nature only and is not intended as a personal advice. It does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation and needs. Before making a financial decision you should assess whether the advice is appropriate to your individual investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs. We recommend you consult a professional financial adviser who will assist you.

Succession planning

Many self-employed rural business owners neglect their personal superannuation and succession requirements until they are approaching retirement age.

Planning a successful strategy for retirement, and business and management succession, is an urgent matter that should be considered at the start-up phase of any business. In the case of family farming businesses, it is a vitally important matter which should be dealt with before any younger family members commit to the farm as a career choice. 

The identification and implementation of a succession plan may be the most important transaction for each generation of farming families. It is critical that this process be undertaken with empathy, experience and deep knowledge of the workings of your family.

Our specialists can be of great assistance in both areas and have detailed knowledge of the most suitable options available.

Please contact us to speak to one of our experts.

Thank you for telling others about us

At Dawson & Partners, we shy away from advertising campaigns in the mass media. As a professional accounting and financial advisory firm, we prefer more natural and discreet ways to let people find out about us.
We let our services speak for themselves. Our customer research shows that our clients are consistently very happy with the services we provide.

So we rely on word-of-mouth referrals in order to grow.

If you are satisfied with the work we have done for you, why not tell somebody else about us?

You may have a friend, relative or business associate who could really benefit from some of the services we provide. We would be happy to talk to them to discuss how we can assist them.

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