Younger Australians will be offered new incentives to fill a growing jobs gap in the regions as part of a budget package that aims to boost farm production to $100 billion within a decade.

To support the agricultural sector and young Australians affected by the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the Government temporarily introduced a new pathway for achieving independence for the purposes of Youth Allowance (student) and ABSTUDY. It will allow young people who choose to work on farms, faster access to Youth Allowance and ABSTUDY.

The new measures seek to encourage young people to take farming jobs when the industry cannot recruit enough foreign workers during the pandemic

Under the new criteria, a person can be considered independent if they meet both the following:

  • earn $15,000 through employment in an agricultural industry between 30 November 2020 to 31 December 2021
  • have combined parental income under the parental income threshold of $160,000 per year plus $10,000 for each additional child.

This change is subject to the passage of legislation.

For more information about this measure, visit the Department of Social Services website (, or contact us on 1300 885 761.